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Yoga intentions this morning

In class this morning, I had a powerful experience based on a throwaway comment from our teacher.

Like most classes I take, she was peppering us with various points and intentions throughout the session. Parliament/P-Funk would call them “throwaway lines,” like “cheaper than discount family therapy,” or “We can’t afford free speech” or “anybody have change for funk?”

SO her throwaway line was “Your focus right now is not focusing on being done with this asana.”

As Jerry Garcia once said, that comment completely erased my mind! That’s exactly what I do with yoga and life, all the time, every day. That’s exactly the opposite of intentional living. That’s what I’ve got to start doing with everything. That’s autotelism!

I used to hate not having clocks in the yoga studio, but I realized today that I love it. It’s a chance to enter the studio, immerse in the experience, and not be concerned with when it will end. I can trust my teacher to know the time.

The question is, can I do this in the rest of my life? The answer is not I’ll see, or I’ll try, the answer is yes.

Here we go.

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